March 18, 2009

And The Drama Continues

Just when I thought that I was finally done with hard drive issues, life throws me another curve ball: My new 500 GB Seagate Freeagent Go HD is dead. Yes, the same one that just arrived from Dell this past weekend. Yes, the same hard drive I unpacked 5 days ago.

The drive has been working perfectly since I finally started using it. Today, I thought I'd bring it to work so I can move some files from my computer there. I get to work, I plug it in, it makes a weird click sound but it comes on just fine. Before I could access the drive, I get a call from a co-worker who needs help with a WD Passport. I try to "safely unplug my drive" through Vista, but it said it was being used. I unplug the drive anyway since I need the slot for the Passport. Passport works fine, did my work on it and replug my drive into the same slot. This time, all I hear are nasty clicks and no light on top of the drive. I try it on an XP box and the same thing. I do a little research and come across this website that gives examples of dying hard drive sounds and found that the Seagate "drive with bad heads slowly clicks and beeps on spin up" sound is exactly what I'm hearing.... it's a dead HD. I still have all the music so the files aren't an issue this time.

Fortunately, I call Dell and they're going to send me a new replacement, free of charge. No hassle, no other questions, just have to send this dead one back when the new one arrives. Hopefully I get the new one by Thursday next week so I can move files into it and use the drive in time for Aoba that Friday.

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