March 22, 2009

Another Type Of Gig

My dad has always wanted to have a band. So over time, he collected all the equipments and instruments needed for one and have his friends come over on Friday nights to play and "jam". All the equipment are stored and set up in my dad's living room and that's where they practice. It's like a studio right when you walk through their front door. They call themselves "Oldies But Goodies, Young Naman" or OBGYN. haha. The word "Naman" is a Tagalog word. I don't know the formal definition for it, but it's implying that they're still "young". hehe.

Here they are on stage. My dad is in the back playing the guitar. They even have matching outfits!

My dad wants me to play rhythm guitar for his band, but since I can't be at their practices all the time, I play a background role. I am the, as he calls it, "audio technician". I balance the volumes of each mic and guitars. Below is my station.

It's definitely something different from DJing and it's a lot more equipment to setup / breakdown in one night.

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