March 2, 2009

DJ E-Man

Another one of my favorite DJ's, DJ E-Man. I listened to this guy every morning doing his Mickey Fickey Mix on Power 106. Even today, I tune in to Power at 6:40 am, on my way to work, so that I can catch his short mix. I wish they let him mix longer in the morning. I would rather listen to E-man mix it up than listen to another Big Boy's phone tap segment.

In my opinion, E-man is one of the most, if not THE, cleanest mixer on air in LA. I don't understand how he does it so early in the morning. Recorded session? Maybe. Nonetheless, his transitions are next to flawless. When I first started dj'ing, I'd model my style after this man and try to analyze his transitions to make it work with my mixing. I would even record some his mixes in the morning and try to copy them for practice. I wish I still had those old tapes.

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