March 29, 2009

DJ Etiquette :: Bring Your Own Gear

This "Etiquette" series will be my effort to outline some key points that I've learned throughout the 10 years I have been DJing and hopefully bring back the diminishing etiquette every DJ should know. Furthermore, I hope this will show new DJs that there is more to being a DJ than just playing music.

For this post, "Bring Your Own Gear".

Here's a list of things I always bring to any gig. Whether I'm helping out on a mobile gig or playing a club gig, these are the most basic things I bring. These are not ordered in a specific way.
  • Headphones
    I've had my fair share of forgetting my headphones at home. But I have seen DJs try to mix without them; not a good idea. Those waveforms on Serato will not help you mix tracks, let alone, mix them better. Also, you really do not want to end up borrowing sweaty headphones or keep the other DJ at the gig if he/she needs to leave.

  • Needles
    I bring 3 sets (6 needles) to any gig. Just in case. Don't expect other DJ's to let you use their needles.

  • Slipmats
    I bring 2 sets. Butter Rugs and regular mats. Some venues do not have mats readily available on installed turntables and don't expect to use the other DJ's slipmats.

  • Control Vinyls
    Bring your own! It came when you bought Serato, now use them.

  • Vinyl
    Yes, old school vinyl! I lose a little respect for a DJ that does not bring at least one vinyl to switch out. Bring your own!

  • Serato Box Power Supply
    You'd be surprised how many times this gets looked over, even in an installed club setup. I always bring mine, just in case.


DJ Goose! said...

AMEN! i wouldn't want someone to touch my sweaty headphones.. I sweat like an MFer.. I can sweat on command!

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