March 3, 2009


The corporate DJ..

Jos was my mentor when I first started djing. He taught me the industry, what it takes to be a mobile DJ, and gave me my first club gig in the Jungle Room at the Century Club in Century City. I loved that place. Here's an old page with some reviews of the club: Century Club

I had the jungle room to myself so I felt a lot of pressure to perform and not let Jos down. Worst of all, I didn't have a hefty vinyl collection yet so I had to borrow a crate from my boy DJ Toastee. If you're a DJ, you know how difficult it is to look for songs from someone else's crate. Furthermore, I didn't have enough records to last me the entire night so I had to replay some songs to keep it going. It was towards the end of the night, so it was okay.

Jos went on to bring me to his mobile and wedding gigs and eventually coined me as one of the resident DJs for the promotion group he helped start, Movement Events. Those were some good times and a great learning experience. Thanks Jos!

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