March 8, 2009

Hard Drive Issues

A failing hard drive is the worst thing a scratch live DJ can come across. I use a 160 Gig Western Digital MyBook to store all my music but lately, I've been hearing some weird clicks coming from it when I use it.

Worried, I thought I would do a differential backup since I successfully backed up the drive months before. First try, I wanted to do a differential backup so I just backup the new and modified files. I come back to it 20 minutes later and the backup window is blank, and the hard drive light is blinking but definitely not processing anything. So I let it go 5 more minutes and I got impatient so I turn off the drive and the backup window comes up saying "succeeded with files skipped." WTF? So I decided to try it again, with normal backup strategy this time. Again, it fails.

At this point, I'm scared and frustrated. I think, "maybe it's my computer". So I decide to try and use my XP laptop... still fails. Now, I'm really worried. I saw a deal on slickdeals for a 500 Gig Seagate Freeagent Go for only $83 so I decided to buy one just in case the WD drive dies. I hope I get it backed up before it does. I also need to find a better backup strategy. I don't think Windows XP Backup is cutting it. How do you guys backup your stuff?

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G said...

like the time when we were doin the wedding gig!! that was scarrryyy