March 15, 2009

New Hard Drive

I finally received my Seagate Freeagent Go over the weekend and spent a good part of Saturday moving all my salvaged files into it.

At first I used my practice laptop (Win XP) to transfer files between my WD MyBook HD. But, as soon as I plugged in the MyBook, the Seagate would disconnect itself. If I plugged in the MyBook first, the computer wouldn't recognize the Seagate drive; really weird. I was starting to think that I got a bad drive but then I tried it on my regular laptop (Vista) and both worked just fine. I don't know what it was with my XP laptop. Maybe it's just too old.

It looks really nice. I got the Titanium Silver and it matches well with my gear. The mesh of lights illuminates when it is plugged in and fades in and fades out when data is being accessed. It's calming to see that compared to the hectic flicker of some hard drives.

It's really light too. Compared to my MyBook, this thing is light as a feather. Plus, I don't need to bring an extra power supply for it! It's also small enough that's it should be easier to bring around. You can see in the second picture just how small it is. 


G said...

oooooh, thats purty! yo, you weren't suppose to mess with that stuff this weekend! you must've did it when you were in the "toilet", huh?

DJ Surreal said...

LOL! It took awhile to copy everything into the drive so I just let it run while I was doing chores. =P