April 30, 2009

IKEA car

I thought this was hilarious. Assembly required of course...

Sound Science Get Together

Check out pics and videos posted on www.soundsciencedjs.com.

April 19, 2009

Puma, Santa Monica Promenade

Thanks to DJ B-Stang, I spun at the Puma store in Santa Monica Promenade for the third time today in three weeks. For the past three Sundays, I have been at the store 1pm - 5pm spinning everything from top 40s to old school to whatever the staff like.

I actually spun a 30 minute reggae set using only vinyl. I forgot how much fun it was to spin with vinyl. How the slightest bump causes the needles to skip, frantically finding the cue point, and how gentle you had to be when scratching. My hands were a little heavy at first so the needles kept skipping when I tried to scratch a cue in, but got the hang of it again afterward. I think I'm going to start planning at least a 30 minute set of just vinyl everytime I go.

Below is a pic of my setup. The table and turntables are in store, but I bring in my own mixer and the essentials:

Come by if you're in the area and say HI! Next week, I'll be there from 3pm -7pm, Sunday. Shout outs to the cool staff at Puma and to DJ Goose for letting me borrow his cool monitor there :).

April 9, 2009

DJ Etiquette :: Show Up To Gigs Early

Club Scene
Seriously, "fashionably late" is not the cool thing to do when you have a set at a club. It's not cool to the promoters who have to go out of their way to get you in through the ropes and it's not cool to DJs like me who are waiting for you to show up so I can take a break.

I always show up to the club early. 10pm early, when doors open no matter what time my set is scheduled. Why? Because I want to listen to what the other DJs play for my pleasure and to get ready for my set. It's irritating to have a DJ come after you and the second song he plays is the same song you played 2 songs before he got there. Not only is that embarassing to the promoter, but it is a crowd killer. Ever been to a club where they played the same song 3, 4 times that night? Irritating isn't it?

Another reason to show up early is common courtesy. I remember spinning at Jimmy's Lounge, scheduled 9pm - 11pm and the next DJ showed up an hour late. An extra hour to spin is not a problem, the issue arises when I have to alter my plans after my set because you did not have the courtesy of showing up for your set early or on time.

So, show up early, meet and network with other DJs, and get a feel for what the crowd is like. Promoters will like you and DJs like me will respect you.

Mobile Gigs
Not much to talk about here but show up early to setup your gear. Something always goes wrong. Budget some time for troubleshooting.