May 24, 2009

Karen and Dar Wedding

Last week, I DJ'd Karen and Dar's wedding. It was held in Friendly Hills Country Club in Whittier. It was a lot of fun but I need to remember to bring an assistant next time!

I had 2 setups to do. One in the outdoor patio for the ceremony and the other in the reception area. The ceremony area was an easy setup except the speakers were so far away from where my amplifier was situated in the back corner of the patio. Fortunately, I went to the venue the day before and saw how I would potentially need long cables and borrowed my dad's 100ft speaker cables which worked perfect.

The reception setup was difficult because the room was not square, but a rectangle. Imagine a rectangular room with the dance floor in the middle and tables on two sides. The tables were appropriately named by country. Once the ceremony was finished outside, I had to lug my speakers, cables, amplifier and mixer into the reception area and setup 4 speakers in the room. Four speakers were necessary otherwise the people on either end of the rectangular room wouldn't have been able to hear the speeches or even the music.

At the end of the night, I was so tired from the heat during the day and setting up two areas, I had to sit down and take a second to just relax a bit. It took me an hour to breakdown and load everything cause I decided to take my time. I was just happy that all my equipment worked on the first try. It was a good night.

Congratulations Karen and Dar. I wish you a fruitful and successful marriage!

May 15, 2009

Microsoft Tech Ed 2009

A full week of geekness at the conference finally winded down today. This was my first TechEd and I thought it was great. Apparently this was much smaller than the past TechEd's and also not as good but for me, the sessions I went to were great. One highlight for me was meeting Kevin Lam, founder and CEO of Impacta Labs, after his talk about application security. Great talk, awesome examples, really nice guy.

Microsoft kept us well fed. Not only was there breakfast and lunch, there were snacks in the afternoon as well. It differed daily from chocolates to chips to popcorn and cracker jacks. There were warm cookies and fruits too!

So what's snack time without something to drink? The conference had easily accessible water stands, starbucks coffee, soda refrigerators all over the place. The soda refrigerators were fully stocked with Coke products as well as fruit juices. I had my fair share of orange juice and coffee.

What's a geek conference without wireless? Wireless hotspots were situated all over the place as well as computer stations.

Other cool things at the conference were Microsoft Surface machines situated at the break areas. These things reminded me of the old school pacman machines! Remember those? Responsiveness to your touch was a little slow but the multi touch capability was awesome. This tile game grabbed a lot of attention. Basically, you line up 3 tiles of the same color together and fires that color bomb to the other users "pie". It's basically an undending game and allowed 6 players.

Then again, it is still a Windows machine so.... 

That's the blue screen of death, by the way.

All in all, I thought the conference was good, I enjoyed most of the sessions I took and I learned plenty of new Microsoft technologies. Once I find my camera, I'll post the stuff I got from partner expo.

May 4, 2009