November 26, 2009

DJ Etiquette :: Be Courteous and Use Your Own Stuff

Part 3 of the DJ Etiquette Series.

Great! You're finally booked to a gig and you have a pretty good time slot. Now what? If you've read the other posts concerning this subject, you already have all your gear with you and you're at your gig early. Brownie points for you!

Now, your set is next and you need to switch out with the other DJ. Have your stuff ready! Computer booted up with Serato ready to go, headphones ready to plug in, and vinyl on hand to switch out. Once you're ready, kindly let the other DJ know. Don't be a jerk and tell him/her that time's up and you need to get on the tables already. The other DJ will always acknowledge that you're ready and probably ask to drop 2-3 more songs to finish up the set. Be cool and let the DJ do it. So what if it cuts into your time? You still get paid for your time. Personally, I tell the DJ to let me know when he's done. If he's rocking the crowd, why not keep it going? If I was DJing before you and you're being a jerk, I will totally kill the vibe and let you work harder to get it back up. Trust me on that.

Ok, so you're up. It gets pretty hectic in the DJ booth when two DJs switch out, so take your time, be careful with the cables, and don't hit the current turntable playing. Once your computer is all setup, the next thing you should do is replace the slip mat and needle of the open turntable and hand it to the DJ before you. Then do the same to the other table once you have transitioned.

The important thing to take from this post is not to be a jerk. Remember that the DJ game is all about networking and who you know. You'll quickly burn bridges, yes plural, after one jerk maneuver. Don't do it. Stay cool, have fun and be ready to rock it at all times.

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