October 26, 2011

Halloween 2011

This Saturday, I will be spinning at Paris Bar in San Gabriel for a Halloween costume party! See you there!

October 7, 2011

Beatnox :: Oct. 6, 2011

Last night, I had the opportunity to spin a guest set for the Beatnox show on www.themixshow.com again. As usual, it was awesome just hanging out with DJ Tony Tone, DJ Rawn and the rest of TheMixShow.com staff.

Download here: http://www.mixcrate.com/mix/86100/DJ-Surreal-Beatnox---1062011
Lunar (ReMike Intro) (Clean) - David Guetta and Afrojack
Dont Let The Music End (Extended) - Radio Killer
Everyday (HLM Remix) - Agnelli & Nelson
Forever (Hook N Sling Remix) - Wolfgang Gartner
We Are All No One (Nervo Goes To Paris Remix) - Nervo ft Afrojack and Steve Aoki
Pumped Up Kicks (Scene bootleg) - Foster The People
Better Off Alone (Laidback Luke Remix) - Alice Deejay
Boomerang (DJ Vice Remix) - DJ Felli Fel ft Akon Pitbull and Jermaine Dupri
Vegas (Angger Dimas Remix) - Vandalism and Static Revenger
Sexy And I Know It (Audiobot Remix) - LMFAO
Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay (DJ Geometrix Remix) - Big Sean feat. Kanye West, Roscoe Dash
Dominoes (Chuckie Remix) - Wildboyz
Brand New Bitch (Laidback Luke Remix) - Anjulie
Percolator (The Scene Kings Electrified Remix) - Cajmere
Tear Up The Dancefloor (Longo and Wainwright Remix) - Ron Carroll
Dedication To My Ex (Jump Smokers Remix) - Lloyd
Sucks To Be You (Disco Fries Rmx) - Clinton Sparks ft JoJo and LMFAO
Flashback (Scene bootleg) - Calvin Harris
I Hate That You Love Me (Chuckie_s Marquee Remix) - Diddy
We Found Love - Rihanna ft Calvin Harris
Bring It Back (STFU Mix) - Global Deejays and Niels Van Gogh
Invisible (Kaskade Remix) - Skylar Grey
N's in Paris (DJ Enferno RMX) - Jay Z and Kanye West
Nobody Loves Me (Hardwell Remix) - Bella
Cmon Catch Em By Surprise - Tiesto vs Diplo ft Busta Rhymes

August 30, 2011

Mountain Bar Live Mix

Here's a recorded live mix of myself and DJ Koji One at Mountain Bar on 8/20/11,  I have the first hour of the mix. Enjoy!


July 29, 2011

Keri Hilson - Pretty Girl Rock

Finally heard this on the radio yesterday so I thought I'd post it up for you all. Love this song when it first came out, still dope now.


June 30, 2011

June 13, 2011

Katy Perry ft Kanye West - E.T.

Really into this song right now. The video is off the wall though, but I guess you expect that if Kanye's on the video? Check out the electro remix below. Enjoy!

Here's a dope electro remix by DJ Megaman and Panic City:

Katy Perry - E.T. (DJ MegaMan and Panic City remix) by djpaniccity

3-Way Street

Remind me never to bike or drive in New York.


3-Way Street from ronconcocacola on Vimeo.

May 19, 2011

Spose - I'm Awesome

"You know my pants sag low / even though / that went out of style like 10 years ago." - awesome.

Some explicit lyrics so keep it the volume low while at work. Enjoy!


May 9, 2011

TheMixShow.Com Video

Thanks again to DJ Tony Tone for inviting me! I had an awesome time! Here's the recorded video of my mix at the TheMixShow.com studio! Thanks to everyone who tuned in!

Shout out to DJ Rawn the and TheMixShow.com staff!

May 4, 2011


Big "Thank You" to DJ Tony Tone and DJ Rawn for inviting me to drop a set on the Beatnox show.

Thursday, May 5th, 10PM, Tune in to www.TheMixShow.com and join me live in the mix!

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April 24, 2011

Thank You DJ K-Sly

Since we started having guest DJs at Mountain Bar, I've been trying to reach out and get in touch with DJ K-Sly. I used to listen to her while she was on 92.3 The Beat back in the day and have been one of my choices since we started picking out guest DJs. Finally, after many tries of getting to her through the network, DJ Koji One was able to connect me.

It was awesome to finally meet her and even more since I got to open for her at Mountain Bar. She came out with a dope set and kept it hip hop which the crowd appreciated.

We were able to get the recorder to work that night so you can download the mixes here:

When it was K-Sly's turn on the turntables and plugged in her headphones, she turns to me and says, "man, you're deaf". I tell her that my headphones has low output so I have to increase the monitor level on the mixer as she laughs.

At the end of the night, she turns to me, hands me her headphones and says "Here, you can have these. These are prototype Beats by Dre Pros". OMG! WTF?! I didn't know what to say and became speechless. I finally muttered out the words "Thank you so much" as I gave her an appreciative hug. That was epic.

Here's some photos I finally took of them when I got home:

She stayed around at the end of the night and shot a couple of short, "shout out" videos for us:


Thank you DJ K-Sly. You are an awesome DJ and even more so as a person. We hope to have you back at Mountain Bar again soon!

Follow DJ K-Sly on Twitter: http://twitter.com/djksly
Check out more photos of DJ K-Sly at the Platinum Club website.

April 7, 2011

Spinning With DJ K-Sly

Saturday, April 16, 2011, I will have the opportunity to spin with DJ K-Sly. You may remember her from the original 92.3 The Beat in Los Angeles or for the younger audiences, the DJ for Dance 360.

We are going to be at the usual Mountain Bar with Platinum Club and the Rhyme Along.

See you there!

April 4, 2011

Live mix from E3rd Lounge in March

Here's a live and messy mix we recorded from an event put together by Def Defined DJs. We had some technical issues with the in-house equipment that night such as a bleeding cross fader on the mixer and not knowing which cable goes to which amplifier.

In any case, we made due with what we had and this mix was my part of that night. Sorry for the mess but I hope you enjoy the old school list.


March 31, 2011

Steve Aoki & Laidback Luke ft Lil Jon - Turbulence

Been listening to DJ Enrie drop this track on his mixshow (VegasLiveMixShow.com). Gotta say Turbulence is some kind of ridiculous when it drops... so is the close up of Lil Jon.

And speaking of Steve Aoki, here's a teaser vid for his collaboration work with Travis Barker.

March 23, 2011

Melo-D Shout Out

Gotta say, watching Melo-D spin that night, I felt like a total beginner. His transitions and juggles were so clean and scratches were on point. You can't expect less from someone who has been in the game that long and having a resume like his. That's another one off the bucket list for me.

Go here to check out the event pics: www.platinumclubla.com


March 14, 2011

Opening for DJ Melo-D

I'm finally going to get the chance to meet another one of my idols DJ Melo-D of the World Famous Beat Junkies and the new Unrivaled DJs.

If you're free this Saturday, March 19th. Please come to Mountain Bar and join me witness the level of talent of DJ Melo-D.

From Flyers

March 4, 2011

A Letter From Rob Swift

This is taken straight out from Rob Swift's forum. Even after 10 years DJing, I'm still learning every day and words of wisdom like this are gold to me, especially from someone as established as Rob Swift. If you don't know who he is, go to Youtube and look for him; you'll find out.

The original URL is here: http://djrobswift.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4755

Today, a student from the Scratch DJ Academy emailed me wanting advice on what he could do to become a professional DJ. Inspired by the tone of his email I responded with some tips I think all aspiring DJs should consider. Thus, I'm sharing my answers with you, the next generation of DJs/Turntablists. I hope this helps you guys!

Karim: Other than practicing all the time which I guess is needed to get really good at anything, what else do you think is necessary?

Rob: With technology being what it is today, anyone can walk into a Guitar Center, buy DJ software and become a make shift DJ in a matter of one day. Because of this Karim, you must realize you have a lot of competition out there. Not only are you competing to etch your name among established DJs like myself, you also must figure out a way to stand out amongst the 100s of new up and comers that exist with every new day. My advice to you with regards to "what else" I think is necessary is really learn how to inject more of your personality into your sets. Learn how to brand yourself through your music. One of the main reasons why I've gone on to form a career as a DJ is because I successfully developed a signature style. NO ONE OUT THERE SOUNDS LIKE ME! Therefore, promoters know when they book me to DJ a club, they're getting DJ Rob Swift, a DJ who's branded himself as unique and different from the rest. From my presentation, to my look in front of the turntables. When I'm in front of a crowd. My audience knows that although I may hop on the turntables after 1,2,3,4,5 or even 10 DJs in one night, the way I will relate to them through music will be different than any one else.

Think of DJing like fast food. You're probably asking yourself what I mean by that, right? Well hear me out. You know how pretty much all Diner food taste the same? If you walk inside any Diner across this country and open a menu, they all serve pretty much the same food: Burgers, Cheeseburger Deluxes, 2 Eggs any Style with Hash Browns or Homefries, etc. Now, when you walk into a McDonalds you noticed something different. Whether it's the design of their restaurants or the way their fries taste. You can't walk into a Diner and have order a Big Mac. You can only get a Big Mac at McDonalds. You can't walk inside of a Diner and order a Whopper. You can only get a Whopper at Burger King. You can't walk into a Diner and expect their Fried Chicken to taste like KFCs. You want some "Finger Licken' Good Chicken" you must go to Kentucky Fried Chicken.

You see my point? Figure out a way separate yourself (be it the way you play music, the style of music you play or how you present your music) from the rest of mundane DJs that exist out there. You do that and you'll etch yourself in the minds of music lovers all over the world. That's what I did!

Karim, you should definitely consider figuring out way to expose yourself to music goers too. Entering DJ Battles was huge for my career. It was a way to show people I existed and I was able to rank myself amongst other established DJs in the scene as well as newcomers. With each battle, my reputation grew because I was able to make a mark on a bunch of people at one time. Sign yourself up for battles such as the DMC or RED BULL DJ Competition. You should even join local battles you may hear about. Anything that will help get your name out beyond just your friends!

Karim: Also, in terms of practicing, how many hours did you used to practice per day/week? Should I be working to become a specialist in one area (ex. genre of music or equipment used) or become more of a generalist?

Rob: Practice as much as you can. The more time you spend in front of your equipment the better you get. It's just that simple. As for becoming "a specialist in one area", I've always personally felt you can be "the best" or "a master" in one area of DJing but it doesn't mean you'll have longevity. Being a "generalist" isn't an adequate word to use in my opinion. I say be well rounded. Make your style every style. You're abilities should be limitless. I've made my debut on to the DJ scene in March of 1991 at the North East DMC DJ Battle. 20 years later, I'm still here, more relevant on the scene than I ever was because I've prided myself on being able to do it all. You put me on stage in front of an audience ready for me to cut it up, no problem. Throw me on in front of a crowd on New Years Eve that wants to shake their asses and party, I got that covered. Shit, I'm confident I could even DJ your parents 30th wedding anniversary. My style is to do be able to do it all. When your limitless, you have infinite potential to grow within your craft.

Good luck to you Karim!

Rob Swift

February 28, 2011

Mixing at E3rd Lounge - LA

I will be spinning a set at E3rd Lounge this Saturday, March 5th, 2011. Big ups to Def Defined Djs and DJ Orbit for the spot!

It's free cover so come hang out and say HI! See you there!

February 27, 2011

DJ Surreal - Sour Face

Here's a new new mix for you guys! Thanks for listening and please leave some comments!

:: Downlaod ::
Mixcrate - http://www.mixcrate.com/mix/35473/DJ-Surreal-Sour-Face
Podomatic - http://djsurreal.podomatic.com/entry/2011-02-27T17_11_18-08_00
Mediafire - http://www.mediafire.com/?vz2vfco5zh8rq5w

February 4, 2011

Mountain Bar :: February Edition

Let's go! I will be on the decks once again at Mountain Bar on the 19th.

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January 31, 2011

Chris Brown ft Pitbull - Where Do We From Here (DJ Surreal Edit)

Finally finished a new edit for you all! Please enjoy and leave comments!

Mediafire Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?ttv9tr8bbnvtbtu

Scratch Session with SSC

A couple of weeks ago, I finally got the chance to get together with my boys in Sound Science Crew to just hang out, scratch, and just talk DJing. Here's a video that DJ Orbit put together. I'm the one with the black watch, in case you were wondering.

SSC is: Goose // Koji One // Orbit // Roldan // Surreal // Toastee. Follow us at http://twitter.com/soundsciencedjs

January 20, 2011

I'm on Podomatic

I finally decided to continue my Podomatic account (http://djsurreal.podomatic.com). I'll be uploading my mixes here as well as on MixCrate and SoundCloud. Thanks for listening!

January 10, 2011

Mountain Bar this Saturday!

I am back at the Mountain Bar this Saturday! Come and hang out! Let's karaoke together!

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