February 28, 2011

Mixing at E3rd Lounge - LA

I will be spinning a set at E3rd Lounge this Saturday, March 5th, 2011. Big ups to Def Defined Djs and DJ Orbit for the spot!

It's free cover so come hang out and say HI! See you there!

February 27, 2011

DJ Surreal - Sour Face

Here's a new new mix for you guys! Thanks for listening and please leave some comments!

:: Downlaod ::
Mixcrate - http://www.mixcrate.com/mix/35473/DJ-Surreal-Sour-Face
Podomatic - http://djsurreal.podomatic.com/entry/2011-02-27T17_11_18-08_00
Mediafire - http://www.mediafire.com/?vz2vfco5zh8rq5w

February 4, 2011

Mountain Bar :: February Edition

Let's go! I will be on the decks once again at Mountain Bar on the 19th.

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