April 24, 2011

Thank You DJ K-Sly

Since we started having guest DJs at Mountain Bar, I've been trying to reach out and get in touch with DJ K-Sly. I used to listen to her while she was on 92.3 The Beat back in the day and have been one of my choices since we started picking out guest DJs. Finally, after many tries of getting to her through the network, DJ Koji One was able to connect me.

It was awesome to finally meet her and even more since I got to open for her at Mountain Bar. She came out with a dope set and kept it hip hop which the crowd appreciated.

We were able to get the recorder to work that night so you can download the mixes here:

When it was K-Sly's turn on the turntables and plugged in her headphones, she turns to me and says, "man, you're deaf". I tell her that my headphones has low output so I have to increase the monitor level on the mixer as she laughs.

At the end of the night, she turns to me, hands me her headphones and says "Here, you can have these. These are prototype Beats by Dre Pros". OMG! WTF?! I didn't know what to say and became speechless. I finally muttered out the words "Thank you so much" as I gave her an appreciative hug. That was epic.

Here's some photos I finally took of them when I got home:

She stayed around at the end of the night and shot a couple of short, "shout out" videos for us:


Thank you DJ K-Sly. You are an awesome DJ and even more so as a person. We hope to have you back at Mountain Bar again soon!

Follow DJ K-Sly on Twitter: http://twitter.com/djksly
Check out more photos of DJ K-Sly at the Platinum Club website.

April 7, 2011

Spinning With DJ K-Sly

Saturday, April 16, 2011, I will have the opportunity to spin with DJ K-Sly. You may remember her from the original 92.3 The Beat in Los Angeles or for the younger audiences, the DJ for Dance 360.

We are going to be at the usual Mountain Bar with Platinum Club and the Rhyme Along.

See you there!

April 4, 2011

Live mix from E3rd Lounge in March

Here's a live and messy mix we recorded from an event put together by Def Defined DJs. We had some technical issues with the in-house equipment that night such as a bleeding cross fader on the mixer and not knowing which cable goes to which amplifier.

In any case, we made due with what we had and this mix was my part of that night. Sorry for the mess but I hope you enjoy the old school list.